In the food industry?

Digital Menu Boards... What Can They Do For You ? The days of walking into a restaurant or cafe to find a printed out menu at a table or a fixed menu board on a wall may be dwindling with the popularity of digital menu sign boards increasing every day.Digital menu boards are similar to any type of … [Read more...]

Should I get a proper player?

Should I get a proper digital signage player? As anyone who has gone through the process can tell you, there are many options when you're looking to purchase and install a digital signage solution. One of the biggest decisions you have to make is what you will use to control and run your digital … [Read more...]

commercial LCD Vs domestic?

Digital signage or narrowcasting is an amazing and increasingly ubiquitous method of out-of-home advertising for many companies. Digital signage has become the ultimate way to provide video content, messages, information and advertising to a large and varied audience. Because it is instantly … [Read more...]

Plan for better digital signage

Take the time to plan your Digital Signage Project and it will come back to you in spades Everday I see poorly thought out and implemented digital signage attempts. These are not necessarily restricted to the small sites but also extend to some very large organisations that should have the … [Read more...]

Importance of Message…

The Importance of a Great Digital Signage Message Anybody new to the world of digital out of home (DOOH) may find the industry a quagmire of jargon, technical speak and a myriad of companies regaling the importance and benefits of their software, network systems, or content creation … [Read more...]

Top Ten Tips

Using outdoor digital signage poses different challenges to indoor systems, from protecting the device from the elements to getting the content delivered but the benefits of using outdoor LCDs and plasma for digital advertising or information is that you can reach a lot larger audience. There are of … [Read more...]