Video Wall Solutions

a 3x3 videowall solution for maximum impact in a big space

Professional video wall solutions can fill a large space with multiple screens that can behave as one for major impact. A video wall is built of individual displays fitted closely together. By using multiple displays you have the flexibility to create the layout you prefer to attain the greatest impact and fill the space for maximum impact.

You can have 1 row of 2 screen, 3 screens or more. Building on this a popular installation is the 2×2 videowall (2 rows of 2 displays) or the 3×3 videowall (3 rows of 3 displays)

By keeping the same number of displays as rows, that is 2×2 or 3×3, keeps the format of the screen the same to easily stretch an image or video across all the screens in one large display.

The advantage of a videowall is you have the flexibility to display different images or videos on each display the appropriate technology to control it.

That is if you had 6 screens in total you could show 6 completely separate videos or images, 1 on each individual display

This can easily be managed be integrating the videowall with a controller and touchscreen to select exactly what you want to see where.

Now with ultra narrow bezels the screens look better than ever. As low 7.3mm from image to image means that your big picture is not spoiled by large bezels (plastic edge on LCD screens)

Combined with a digital signage player the video wall has the ability to display one large image across the screen or even play unique content in different zones across the same screens

Smart systems also let you display your various inputs and drag and drop them anywhere across the video wall. Truely powerful in monitoring and surveillance environments

You could even set up traditional LCD screens with some unique effects of having an image displayed across the displays as below

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